Welcome to Gravedona, located on a small inlet at the foot of green hills, the town of Gravedona is one of the most important historical-religious centers of the Upper Lario as well as a renowned tourist resort. Because of its beauty in the past it was called "little Paris" and in fact the refined lakefront, recently renovated, certainly does not disappoint expectations, with the view of Palazzo Gallio that concludes it.Gravedona offers tranquility, beauty, good food and also there are countless outdoor activities that can be practiced, starting from the equipped municipal lido and its
The historic center is characterized by narrow alleys, steep stairways and ancient houses leaning on each other. The religious importance of the country is demonstrated by its magnificent churches: Santa Maria del Tiglio, San Vincenzo, Santa Maria delle Grazie and SS. Gusmeo and Matteo
Nearby are the characteristic villages of Domaso, Gera, Dongo, Peglio, Naro and Livo, as well as some hiking trails for mountain tours.
Un po ‘più distanti ma di sicuro interesse e bellezza troviamo Menaggio, Tremezzo, Cadenabbia, Varenna e Bellagio. E per finire la Città di Como, da visitare magari con una gita in barca.