Lumineuse et spacieux appartement mansardé de 80 mètres carrés. il est situé près du lac, il peut accueillir jusqu'à 4 personnes.

Author: maura

Hi, let me introduce myself I am a creative with a passion for travel, art and furniture. I was lucky enough to be born and grow in a wonderful place like Lake Como, full of breathtaking landscapes but also of history and culture. I put my talent and passion to use to transform the old family home into holiday apartments, to which was added a small and super romantic stone cottage not far from the lake, also with a great emotional value for me. I tried to create something original, especially in Casa Lilla, where I personally made all the furniture including the kitchen. In Ca Storta, on the other hand, I tried to keep the spirit of the place intact, by recycling as much as possible the materials found on the spot, such as stone or chestnut on the floor. Casa Azalea is instead a more classic apartment, finely furnished with a beautiful terracotta floor. The stimulus to improve myself is continuous and comes from my love for the home and also from the feedback from my guests. The aim is to create something unique but comfortable, which makes the guest feel relaxed and pampered. I hope to have succeeded and happy holidays to all! Maura

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